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Played by Brian Roller


A young man of 16, Maxwerthogen (just Max, please) hails from the small town of Mitten, a slum near the north shore of Mitten Bay. In most regards, Max is remarkably average. However, having grown up on stories of legends, myths, and fairy-tales told by his sister Minithilistrain (just Mini, thanks), he has a passion for helping people and thirst for adventure. This, coupled with his general naivety and dislike for authority, tends to get him into not-so-average situations. On one such occasion, he faced down an Ogre terrorizing the peasants of Mitten and gained some notoriety as a Hero (even though the Ogre actually just slipped in the mud and fell on Max's sword). He is a skilled fighter and tactician, but not so smart about anything else. Much to the disappointment of his father, the Captain of the Watch, Max left Mitten to seek adventure and become the Hero he always dreamed of. Of course, his story seems quite average, but there is more to it than that; more than even Max is aware of...


Played by Ash Pachkoski



Played by Leo Benscome



Played by Hannah Prince



Played by Jennifer Allen



Played by Warren Buchholz

Funkin’ Gonuts--a smaller than normal halfling--who was born in a garden of ripe tomatoes, was dropped onto his head at an early age. He did not begin to develop his skills as a Cleric until he was twenty-two years old. He was secretly taught by his grandmother the skills and magic he needed to defeat an old enemy that was coming their way to the small town of St. Kipp. The shape called the darkness, that almost took out the entire Elvian population, inched closer and closer and destroyed everything in its path.


When Funkin’ became of age, his grandmother gave him a special talisman that would help guide him on his journey. He took his rite of passage and journeyed into the mountains far, far north of Mortera. He wandered, climbed, and stumbled over rock and snow until he finally made it to the temple where he learned about maternal love, peace, and happiness. It became Funkin’s mission to spread these teachings all across the land.


The Darkness soon landed in St. Kipp, destroying most of the village. Funkin’ arrived, and having learned the only magical spell to protect himself, he used it against the Darkness, which sent it back into the universe where it now wanders the stars and waits to strike again. In using his spell, Funkin’ loses his memory due to the potency of said spell. He ends up in a carriage where he begins his journey in Saltport.

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