Welcome, travelers, to the tales of a D&D open-world adventure

MONDAYS • 4:30pm EST



We are a group on improvisers out of St. Petersburg, FL. We decided to get together one night and set up our new D&D 5e campaign, Mortera, which follows a cast of six heroes who go off and find adventure within the vast and mysterious land known as Mortera. Some of us are seasoned players, but the rest of us are new. We're learning together, and we're having fun in the process, and we want to share that fun with you through this podcast.


In this weekly podcast, follow our group of Adventurers who journey through this land of unstable magic, undiscovered secrets, and unending quests for peace, love, battle, riches, and prestige. They were strangers pulled together by their love for adventure. As they travel the land to help people and discover hidden secrets, they get sucked into a bigger mystery that leaves the fate of their world at stake.